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      Sustainable electronics reduce environmental load & enable new applications (26/01/2022)

      Use of electronics is increasing rapidly & the use of raw materials in the sector is expected to double by 2050. Electronic waste has also almost doubled over the past 16 years – and only 20% of this waste is collected efficiently. The EU therefore calls for more sustainable solutions from the electronics industry. Research institution, VTT is developing them by combining printed electronics, bio-based materials & ecodesign thinking.

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      Finnish industry & research collaborate on quantum technology development project (17/01/2022)

      A new research project has been launched in Finland to accelerate the progress of quantum technology. Coordinated by VTT, one of Europe's leading research institutions, the QuTI project will develop new components, manufacturing & testing solutions, and algorithms for quantum technology. Partly financed by Business Finland, the QuTI consortium consists of 12 partners & has a total budget of around EUR 10 million.