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      Leveraging industry standards for FPGA PXI modules (01/05/2019)

      Today’s test engineers are choosing to incorporate user-programmable FPGA PXI modules as part of their functional test systems. There are a variety of user-programmable FPGA-based instruments available to test engineers, which can be used to support a wide range of applications & interfaces, and these instruments employ a range of programming tools & architectures.

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      Marvin Test Solutions marks 30 years in T&M (11/09/2018)

      Marvin Test Solutions, a trusted provider of globally-deployed innovative test solutions for military, aerospace, and manufacturing organisations, is marking its 30th anniversary in the test and measurement industry.

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      Metal-oxide (MOX) gas sensor testing using a PXI test system (04/05/2018)

      MOX gas sensors are MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) devices fabricated as multi-chip modules (MCM). The basic components of the MCM are the microcontroller ASIC, pre-tested on the wafer, and the sensor itself. These components are sited on a common substrate and a lid is placed over the components, with a small hole or mesh that allows gas into the sensor. This piece outlines how PXI test systems can be used to test and validate such devices. 

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      Addressing Legacy Test System Replacement (12/05/2017)

      Companies and government entities continually struggle with ways to extend the life of their test equipment and systems. Military contracts require test support for the life of the program which can be a 15 to 20 year requirement. Similarly, high value, mission-critical electronic products which rely upon functional test also exhibit extended lifecycles.

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      PXI – 20 Years of growth and evolution (12/05/2017)

      20 years ago, National Instruments proposed a new standard, PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation), and the following year, the PXISA (PXI Systems Alliance) was established as responsible for managing the specification and evolution of the standard.

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      Automate your test with ATEasy (24/08/2016)

      ATEasy’s Windows-compatible open-architecture supports all industry-standard HW and SW interfaces.

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      ATEasy - Designed for automated test (16/08/2016)

      ATEasy was designed specifically for ATE systems. Extremely powerful, yet easy to use, with unrivaled long-term support.

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      Reduce your time to test with ATEasy (09/08/2016)

      ATEasy’s RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework accelerates development, deployment and sustainment of ATE systems.

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      PXI-based, advanced switching architecture for functional test (25/04/2016)

      Virtually all ATE systems employ a switching subsystem in order to route test system resources to multiple test points on the UUT. 

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      Advanced PXI digital subsystems address semiconductor test applications (20/04/2015)

      The on-going challenge for today’s test engineers is to identify and create new test systems that can offer significantly lower test costs as well as address the need for configurable, flexible test solutions  that offer comparable features to proprietary ATE platforms at a much lower cost.