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Article archive for Comsol;

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      Getting touchy-feely with touchscreen design (01/03/2019)

      Cypress Semiconductor uses simulation to optimise touchscreen design for use in diverse products including smartphones, laptops, automotive and industrial applications, home appliances, and more.

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      Our 5G future: in the fast lane with numerical simulation (04/10/2018)

      5G and IoT are among the hottest topics being discussed in the RF and microwave industry. Every day, activities and technological advancements depend more than ever on reliable, fast data communication. This piece explains how designers are now faced with one of their biggest challenges, as they strive to take real-time data usage and availability to the next level...

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      Seeking out electrical arcing regions in satellite systems (25/10/2017)

      Electrical arcing discharge in orbiting satellites can cause system failure, but is hard to predict. This piece from COMSOL explains how engineers at the Russian IHCE have adopted multiphysics simulation software to identify the critical regions where failures originate and to protect onboard equipment.