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      EU battery regulation for sustainability on the finish line (11/07/2022)

      New EU rules for more sustainable & ethical batteries are being introduced. As batteries become a strategic market (to power the rise of smart & mobile devices, as well as renewable energy & EVs), the European Parliament is implementing new rules to tackle related environmental, ethical & social issues. This update of the EU's battery directive is to ensure that batteries can be repurposed, remanufactured or recycled at the end of their life.

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      EPDT February 2022 issue (inc. Embedded & Mil/Aero features) now available online (03/02/2022)

      This month’s issue, now available in print or digital editions, contains features on Embedded technologies & Mil/Aero applications.

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      Editor’s comment: Strengthening Europe’s microelectronics ecosystem... (02/02/2022)

      Over the last two years, a perfect storm of factors – with the COVID-19 pandemic at its heart – has helped expose the peril, flaws & gaps in the global supply chains we have come to take for granted. And few sectors have felt this as keenly as electronics – with a global semiconductor shortage hitting it hard, and its ripple effect impacting the many other industries that now depend on microchips to deliver their products.

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      Editor’s comment: Industry 5.0 – Digital transformation post-COVID… (03/03/2021)

      Just 12 short months ago – almost to the day, as I write this in February 2021 – EPDT published its first coronavirus-related news story. Concerns about the virus escalated rapidly during the second half of January 2020, as more information emerged about the situation in China, the first cases were reported in Europe (on the 24th), and the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) on 30th January.