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Exception PCB

Alexandra Way
GL20 8NB
United Kingdom

Telephone : +44 01684 292448
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      EMS creates efficiencies for the business and its customers (04/03/2015)

      Exception EMS completed the first phase of the implementation of Aegis FactoryLogix manufacturing execution system.

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      Consumerisation of IT challenging UK electronics manufacturers (14/03/2014)

      Back in the 1990’s electronics miniaturisation was firmly on the agenda in UK electronics manufacturing. Mobile phones were just beginning to hit full volumes, which was driving designers to develop ever smaller product in what had traditionally been a “beige box” marketplace. Then the dotcom bubble burst about the same time as the low cost geographies in Asia and Eastern Europe became capable of building high technology electronics. The result was a rapid and massive exodus of high volume elect

    • Settlement of dispute (26/04/2011)

      In April 2010, Exception VAR, the electronics supply chain company, initiated civil proceedings in the High Court against a number of former employees and NCAB.

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      Medical micro-miniature grows (15/11/2008)

      Medical instrumentation and the adoption of micro-miniature electronic design is the most exciting opportunity in the electronics industry, according to Garry Myatt, director of sales and marketing at outsourcing specialist, Exception (

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      Stamp of approval for UK company (10/11/2008)

      A UK-based specialist has won a contract with a US manufacturer of industrial printing equipment.

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      Software minds the gap on-screen (01/09/2006)

      The big issue currently affecting board level design is the gap between what the design software can achieve on screen and what can be fabricated on the shop floor.