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      Could second-life EV batteries provide low-cost energy storage? (01/11/2021)

      Large quantities of used batteries removed from scrapped electric vehicles (EVs) could become a growing problem in coming years, as the market takes off. But a combination of recycling & second-life deployment in smart energy storage systems could provide the answer, says Mark Patrick, Technical Marketing Manager at component distributor, Mouser Electronics, offering both business & environmental opportunities – especially if dismantling & testing processes can be improved…

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      Volkswagen tests 5G for production on its way to smart factories (19/10/2021)

      In a pilot project at its Wolfsburg plant, Volkswagen (VW) has launched a local 5G network for its production operations. VW's Transparent Factory in Dresden is testing control of driverless transportation systems using 5G. Fast & reliable data transfer will increase production efficiency & flexibility. Setup & operation of the 5G infrastructure by VW itself will ensure data security & create specialised knowledge to give the company a competitive edge.

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      Advanced V2X application scenarios for collision-free driving tested by NXP & partners (06/10/2021)

      NXP & partners to present V2X-enabled prototypes at world’s largest event for smart mobility & digitalisation of transportation, ITS World Congress, from 11-15 October in Hamburg – including a smart V2X-enabled e-bike prototype from premium manufacturer, Riese & Müller. V2X electronics can help protect bikes & other road users from accidents. NXP has also released a new applications processor for advanced V2X & IIoT applications.

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      Volkswagen adopts NXP battery management solutions for its MEB EV platform (20/10/2020)

      Volkswagen’s newly launched ID series, powered by its MEB platform, is pushing the boundaries of EV travel – with precision battery management helping improve range, longevity & safety. NXP battery management systems (BMS) are flexible & easy to design-in across low- or high-voltage batteries, delivering high accuracy, optimal robustness & functional safety. 16 of the top 20 car makers have designed in NXP BMS solutions.

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      VW offers training support to a London college (15/11/2011)

      The Volkswagen Group has handed over a Golf to Tower Hamlets College in London.

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      Li-ion batteries – a roaring success? (10/06/2008)

      In a time of record high fuel prices, everyone is looking for a way to reduce their travel costs.