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      EPDT April 2021 issue (inc. Power & Automotive features) now available online (02/04/2021)

      This month’s issue, now available in print or digital editions, contains features on Power technologies & Automotive applications, as well as editorial discussing the new UNESCO Engineering Report, ‘Engineering for Sustainable Development’, published on World Engineering Day...

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      Power to the people… (01/04/2021)

      Electric vehicle sales are increasing rapidly across Europe, driving investment in charging infrastructure. As Alain Mignot, Inventory & Service Manager at electronic T&M equipment rental, leasing & sales provider, Electro Rent tells us here, it’s vital that this transition is supported by rigorous testing of technologies at every stage of development to ensure that charging can be conducted as quickly & reliably as possible.

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      EPDT December 2020 issue (inc. RF & Wireless + Consumer features + IoT & Industry 4.0 supplement) now available online (03/12/2020)

      This month’s issue, now available in print or digital editions, contains features on RF & Wireless technologies and Consumer applications, plus the latest edition of EPDT's twice-yearly IoT & Industry 4.0 supplement.

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      Differentiating 5G fact from fiction (01/12/2020)

      The impending rollout of 5G is something that the mobile telecommunications industry understandably has a great deal of optimism about. In the years ahead, it will enable an array of exciting new services to be offered to subscribers, as well as opening the door for a myriad of cutting-edge applications to be explored.

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      Microlease, Livingston & Electro Rent Europe finalise rebrand to become Electro Rent (12/03/2020)

      Under the Electro Rent name, the unified business will be positioned to provide Smarter Solutions for Testing & Technology, with the largest independent inventory of test & measurement equipment in Europe and globally.

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      EPDT January 2020 issue (inc. Embedded & Mil/Aero features + IoT & Industry 4.0 supplement) now available online (06/01/2020)

      This month’s issue, now available in print or digital editions, contains features on Embedded technologies and Military & Aerospace applications, plus EPDT's twice-yearly IoT & Industry 4.0 supplement.

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      Test instrumentation evolution for aerospace & defence gathers pace (03/01/2020)

      With order numbers continuing to increase for both commercial & military aircraft, Sam Darwish, UK & MEA Sales Director at T&M equipment rental & leasing specialist, Microlease tells us there is added pressure on the test & measurement (T&M) sector to meet the critical requirements of aerospace & defence (A&D) companies.

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      New test equipment catalogue (13/09/2019)

      Microlease is the total solutions provider for electronic test & measurement equipment – for rental or purchase. See our broad range of equipment & services in our new catalogue.

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      5G: the next big driver of change (01/09/2019)

      2019 is the year 5G finally begins to deliver on its promises. Services are already available in some US cities, and another 80 operators in 46 countries plan to launch 5G services between now & 2022. In the UK, all current mobile network operators have announced they will roll out 5G networks this year.

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      Microlease eases access to 5G test kit for equipment manufacturers & network operators (30/07/2019)

      Leading test & measurement equipment supplier offers vital flexibility to both mobile network operators & 5G equipment manufacturers, as they address the emerging next mobile standard.

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      Q&A: the pros and cons of renting T&M equipment (13/09/2017)

      As technology evolves, even everyday devices are becoming ever more complex, with electronics, connectivity and intelligence being built into ‘smart’ versions of virtually everything we own or use. This increases demands on R&D and test functions, necessitating a wide range of specialist test equipment and making it vital that it is kept up to date and fit for purpose. This can be a challenge for companies investing in T&M kit – and renting can provide an alternative option.

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      UK catches the test-for-rent wave (01/02/2007)

      Electro Rent, founded in 1965 to meet the US ‘space race’, has identified the increased demand for instrument rental and leasing in Europe and expanded into the UK. Key areas for equipment rental are aerospace and defence, wired and wireless communications, semiconductor and IT industries. The UK has been identified as the largest market in the UK, with a 35 to 45 per cent share. France is second with a 30 per cent share.