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      Why self service kiosks are a win-win solution (03/11/2021)

      Traditional kiosks involve face-to-face contact with clerks. For example, transportation providers, like airports, employ staff to handle check-in of individual travellers. In our post-pandemic age, any form of close contact places passengers & staff at greater risk of infection.

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      Range of displays offering high brightness with a minimum of 3000 cd/m² (15/09/2021)

      Responding to increased market demand for high bright displays over 3000 cd/m², Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire-based Display Technology is pleased to release the new range of Litemax’s high bright TFT displays modules & industrial monitors. Litemax are based in Taiwan & have over 20 years' experience in manufacturing sunlight readable solutions.

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      Power solutions available during the global IC crisis (07/07/2021)

      Global shortages for ICs in the electronics industry has spread panic. The demand for the EV market has put other industries into jeopardy. However, Components Bureau have power supplies with their own ICs ready to go.

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      Stretch bar displays (28/04/2021)

      Stretch bar panels are effective at displaying informative & promotional content, allowing for high definition images & messages across a large surface area. They are highly suited for public areas & on transport, such as buses & trains, & in commercial spaces such as shopping centres, theatres & even office spaces.

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      Artista IoT Raspberry Pi TFT Controller (21/04/2021)

      The Artista IoT (Internet of Things) is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM3) based controller, suitable for connecting a number of different TFT displays – and providing the perfect basis for cost-efficient IoT & Industry 4.0 applications.

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      8.4” TFT display offering high brightness & integrated LED driving board (14/04/2021)

      Display Technology has announced a new 8.4” high brightness TFT display complete with integrated LED driving board. The new DD-0840-XE11-C from DISTEC has been designed to replace the Mitsubishi AA084XE11, after Mitsubishi announced all of its TFT displays would cease production in 2020.

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      How this revolutionary power supply saves US farmers $110k a year – and how it can cut costs for your business! (07/04/2021)

      The iHP's ability to supply higher voltages than individual control systems reduces installation costs, with less insulation needed for wires, reducing wire size & cooling needs. Artesyn observed the effects of its products in US horticulture markets, finding that using the iHP Series in LED grow light farms yielded savings of $110k pa. Total CAPEX was recovered within 3 years of operation – not just the difference between costs, but the entire power CAPEX for the whole system!

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      Smart farming (13/01/2021)

      Vertical & horticultural farming is a fast growing industry. With the weather being so unpredictable, having tighter control on crops is a priority for any farmer. We are experts in embedded AI systems for sensors, industrial monitors with touch & digital-controlled power supplies with multiple output configurations.

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      Industry 4.0 & Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions (09/12/2020)

      Embedded AI, digital controlled power & industrial monitors suitable for industrial IoT applications from Display Technology Ltd.

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      The growth of PCAP technology: Infinite Touch (13/09/2017)

      The touchscreen has been used for many decades as an input device for computer systems, and there have been different types over the years, including Infrared, and of course, Resistive. This piece looks at the new alternative: the Infinite Touch.

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      Is Raspberry Pi the future for low-cost embedded display technology? (04/08/2017)

      Finding a controller isn’t the problem, but for small to medium businesses with low volume requirements, it can be difficult to access the support and custom solution that is often required. This piece discusses an alternative approach.

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      I²C - the perfect interface for modern embedded systems with touch (16/10/2014)

      Originally developed in the 1980s for consumer electronics, and the internal communication between ICs, the I²C bus is now also gaining importance in modern, compact electronic touchscreen devices. By Matthias Keller, COO Components at Distec GmbH.

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      Wide screen TFT measures 32in (22/04/2008)

      Display Technology has announced a 32in tough touch wide screen TFT monitor is future-proofed against redesigns.