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      CES 2021 opens with innovation & technologies for a better future (12/01/2021)

      CES 2021 – the first-ever all-digital CES – has opened its full digital experience to audiences around the world. Following a day of exclusive, media-only press conferences, plus a keynote from Verizon Chairman & CEO, Hans Vestberg, on January 11, this iconic transformational event provides audiences with a front row seat to the innovation & technologies that will move the world forward.

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      Car batteries on the grid (26/07/2011)

      Companies test Chevrolet Volt battery for storage, back-up power and selling power back to the grid.

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      EN-V at CES (11/01/2011)

      General Motors’ EN-V concepts made their North American public debut at CES in Las Vegas.

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      Futuristic windscreen (05/08/2008)

      A windscreen with lasers, infra-red sensors and a camera is being developed to help the vision-impaired.