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      CES 2021 opens with innovation & technologies for a better future (12/01/2021)

      CES 2021 – the first-ever all-digital CES – has opened its full digital experience to audiences around the world. Following a day of exclusive, media-only press conferences, plus a keynote from Verizon Chairman & CEO, Hans Vestberg, on January 11, this iconic transformational event provides audiences with a front row seat to the innovation & technologies that will move the world forward.

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      Quad full HD: Sony’s 4K block cameras with 30x equivalent optical zoom (27/06/2018)

      The FCB-ER8530 and FCB-ER8550 provide QFHD resolution video from an 8.5 Megapixel back-illuminated image sensor, ensuring very high detail in applications for situational awareness, surveillance, video sharing and content development – in full 4K.

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      Pan/tilt/zoom camera modules (25/10/2011)

      Sony ISS extends EVI range by launching four PTZ dome camera models.

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      When four combine to become one (05/09/2011)

      Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), Hitachi Ltd., Sony Corporation and Toshiba Corporation have announced that they have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to integrate their small and medium-sized display businesses, which are operated by subsidiaries of Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba, in a new company to be established and operated by INCJ. All four are aiming to sign definitive and legally-binding agreements in the Autumn of 2011.

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      CCTV benefits from CMOS (08/08/2011)

      Sony adds three HD models to extend digital FCB block camera range.

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      GigE camera for ITS applications (05/07/2011)

      Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions division has extended its XCG range of GigE machine vision cameras.

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      Focusing on security (27/05/2011)

      Sony adds three HD models to extend digital FCB block camera range.

    • Sony carries out status check (28/04/2011)

      Sony Corporation has updated the status of Sony Group manufacturing operations affected by the 11 March East Japan Earthquake, tsunami, and related power outages. As of 14 March 2011, operations at ten Sony Group sites and facilities had been suspended as a result of damage.

    • MoU - Toshiba and Sony sign Memorandum of Understanding (24/12/2010)

      Toshiba and Sony have announced that they had signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding expressing their intent to transfer from Toshiba to Sony the semiconductor fabrication facilities owned by Toshiba and operated by Nagasaki Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (NSM); a joint venture among Toshiba, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), and, following the contemplated transfer, terminate their NSM joint venture relationship.

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      Nobel Prize winner joins Sony (13/12/2010)

      Sony Corporation has announced that Professor Ei-ichi Negishi, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University (USA) and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Hokkaido University Catalysis Research Centre, has accepted the appointment of Executive Research Advisor to Sony for research and development in the field of materials and devices, specifically in the area of organic electronics.

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      That’s a wrap (01/06/2010)

      Sony has developed a super-flexible OTFT-driven full colour OLED display.

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      That’s a wrap (27/05/2010)

      Sony has developed a super-flexible 80µm-thick 4.1in 121ppi 432 x 240 x RGB (FWQVGA) pixels OTFT-driven full colour OLED display that can be wrapped around a pencil.

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      World's first millimetre-wave wireless intra-connection (08/02/2010)

      Sony has announced the development of millimetre-wave wireless intra-connection technology that uses high-speed wireless data transfer inside electronic products such as television sets.

    • Sony accelerates transformation (19/11/2009)

      Under the leadership of its new executive management team established earlier this year, Sony has reformed its organisational structure in order to bolster profitability and transform its operations.

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      Get with the programme! (24/04/2009)

      In a bid to encourage consumers to dispose of old or unwanted electronics in an environmentally safe manner, Sony Electronics is introducing its GreenFill recycling programme.

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      Consortium extends IR A/V RF control (24/06/2008)

      Seven leading names have created the RF4CE (Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics) Consortium.