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      Next leap in robotic soldering technology from Promation USA & Altus (01/08/2022)

      Speed, efficiency & accuracy are buzzwords often used within electronics manufacturing. Advanced robotic technology is helping companies to achieve these production goals. One company leading the way in soldering systems is electronics manufacturing capital equipment distributor, Altus Group’s partner, Promation USA, with the launch of its new Panda 500 Series.

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      Promation exhibited PCB hand insertion system (29/04/2009)

      Promation, known for its value-added handling solutions, displayed their PCB hand insertion system with auto recirculation of completed product after selective soldering.

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      Pop-up balls handle the job (06/04/2009)

      Promation used Apex to demonstrate its backend handling solutions.

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      Labeling PCBs (18/03/2009)

      Promation has released ELC-1100P; an Auto Label Placement System for in-line processing of PCBs that require marking.

    • Fume extraction hood (08/01/2009)

      Promation has introduced a fume extraction hood system that will fit over the company’s 1000mm long edge conveyors.

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      Thermal probe conveyor (14/07/2008)

      A manufacturer of PCB handling equipment and robotic assembly systems has announced that it has developed a custom edge carry conveyor for the controlled temperature release of PCBs after cooling.

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      No language barrier with gate system (10/03/2008)

      An enhanced passageway gate system has been released by Promation. Intended for high volume production, the SCBL-77G combines a small footprint passageway station with a vertical buffering station to allow for continued production, even with the gate is in use.

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      Self Promation (18/02/2008)

      As a full service provider of printed circuit board handling solutions, robotic soldering systems, custom automated work cells, and technical work benches, Promation has announced the release of its latest in-line workstation.

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      Single shuttle bay station (18/06/2007)

      Promation introduces the ETR-100 single shuttle bay depaneling station