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Article archive for STMicroelectronics;

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      STMicroelectronics' high-performance motion sensors (16/04/2008)

      STMicroelectronics has added two new accelerometers to its ultra-compact portfolio of devices in 4 x 4 x 1.5mm LGA packages.

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      Lab-on-chip detects bird flu (01/04/2008)

      Diagnostic test detects and analyses avian flu strains bringing effective vaccination sooner.

    • Intel occupies itself in silicon space (18/03/2008)

      It has been a busy time for Intel as the processor giant announced a 65nm processor packed with transistors, and two memory joint ventures with Micron and STMicroelectronics.

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      ST’s 24bit audio DAC (28/02/2008)

      STMicroelectronics has released a 24bit audio DAC with playback time extender for mobile music applications.

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      Boosting mobile performance (15/02/2008)

      STMicroelectronics couples its multimedia application processor with an audio and power-management chip.

    • Intel and ST wait for yay or NOR from FTC (01/10/2007)

      The flash memory company created by a partnership between Intel, STMicroelectonics and Francisco Partners, a private equity firm, has run into trouble as the US Federal Trade Commision (FTC) reviews whether anti-trust violations have occurred.

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      Biology on a chip - the rise of the machines (01/10/2007)

      Silicon is fast becoming the basic building block within the latest technological revolution: micromachines

    • Nokia and ST join forces in 3G development (01/09/2007)

      Nokia and STMicroelectronics, already collaborate on licensing and supply of IC designs for 3G, but have taken this agreement further with a part of the Finnish telecomms company’s IC operations to the European semiconductor company.

    • ST introduces ARM Cortex-M3 flash micros (01/08/2007)

      A family of 32bit flash microcontrollers has been announced by STMicroelectronics (, based on ARM’s Cortex-M3 core. The STM32 family of 14 controllers challenge the perception of 32bit development as being dogged by price, complexity and processing power consumption obstacles.

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      Entertainment pushes into the home front (01/05/2007)

      Last year, the screening of the football World Cup and Wimbledon championships in high-definition (HD) video formats brought a big push in worldwide demand for set-top boxes

    • Solar power initiatives (01/12/2006)

      Solar power is proving to be a bright spot for power conversion semiconductor manufacturers. In 2004, solar power accounted for a measley 0.024 per cent of the total electricity produced around the world. By 2010, it is expected to supply 0.25 per cent of the world’s electricity. Although in the scheme of things, it is still a small player among electricity suppliers, this is still a 10 fold increase and not many industry areas can look forward to that amount of growth in a four-year period.