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      Simplifying embedded system development (06/05/2008)

      NI and ARM collaboration results in a module aiming to simplify embedded system development.

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      Avoid the deflated feeling (11/03/2008)

      An intelligent, single-package chipset helps car manufacturers achieve precise tyre pressure sensing.

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      MCU saves medical power (26/02/2008)

      Personal medical devices, like blood pressure monitors, need ultra-low-power operation

    • Freescale joins IBM R&D (01/07/2007)

      Freescale ( has joined the IBM technology alliance ( for semiconductor research and development.

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      CompactRIO collaboration (01/12/2006)

      Three significant names in electronics, Freescale Semiconductor, National Instruments ( and software company Wind River, have collaborated on a CompactRIO controller, designed to enable design engineers to simplify embedded system development using graphical system design. CompactRIO is ahigh-performance, embedded control and acquisition platform, powered by National Instruments’ LabVIEW FPGA and Real-Time.

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      Creating memories for all to share (01/10/2006)

      Several companies are claiming breakthroughs in memory technology, reports CAROLINE HAYES, from a new version of NAND for multimedia-rich devices, to new business groups.