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      High-intensity led spot-curing system (06/06/2011)

      The adhesives specialists at Intertronics have launched the new BlueWave LED prime UVA high-intensity spot-curing system and a new line of compatible adhesives from technology partners DYMAX.

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      Every curing need covered (09/05/2011)

      The DYMAX UVC-5 Conveyor System from Intertronics is designed for curing UV adhesives as well as UV curable inks and coatings. It offers very high intensities for fast UV curing (up to 10 metres per minute) as well as complete shielding from UV light and produces a consistent cure time.

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      Fast-cure, low-shrink adhesive (31/01/2011)

      Intertronics' latest release is a fast-cure, low-shrink adhesive for optic assembly that eliminates parts movement. DYMAX OP-67-LS is an opto-mechanical adhesive that cures in seconds for bonding of optical components, whilst its low-shrink nature virtually eliminates movement during curing and subsequent thermal cycling.

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      Bench-top robot (24/01/2011)

      The new 3 axis Fisnar F4200N from Intertronics is expected to interest engineers in all industries.

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      A greener clean (30/04/2010)

      Techspray Renew cleaners combine ‘green’ technologies to make the most powerful green cleaners on the market.

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      Dispensing micro shots (13/04/2010)

      Intertronics has developed fluid dispensing with the release of the Fisnar DV509.

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      Ready for the rough stuff (07/12/2009)

      How can components be secured so that they are resistant to shock, vibration and rough handling? Various technologies are available for ensuring critical components on PCBs remain in place and with electrical integrity throughout manufacturing, assembly qualification and service environment for the duration of product lifecycle.

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      Encapsulating lights (23/11/2009)

      Intertronics has launched their Opti-tec 4200 encapsulant/potting compound and adhesive, an optically clear polyurethane for use in electronics or electrical equipment which incorporates LEDs or other items where high transparency and aesthetics are important.

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      Your guide to glue (20/07/2009)

      Guide contains advice for choosing specific adhesives for the assembly of medical equipment.

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      Putting a spin on things (15/05/2009)

      Thinky ARE and ARV series mixers from Intertronics have, according to Intertonics’ MD Peter Swanson, “…turned mixing from an art into a science. In mixing materials such as silver paste, solder pastes, or high loading adhesives, there is only a short program development time then a push button operation for quick, consistent bubble free mixing.”

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      Getting the blues (20/10/2008)

      Intertronics’ sales partner, Dymax, has created See-Cure technology as a visual indicator for their UV cure adhesives by changing colour from original blue to clear during the curing process.

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      Cyanoacrylate adhesives (08/09/2008)

      A range of cyanoacrylate ‘instant’ adhesives has been launched by Intertronics that have been designed for numerous applications and dissimilar substrates such as rubber, plastics, metal, wood, leather, ceramics, ferrites, stone, cork, glass, composites and paper.

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      Forming a bond (23/05/2007)

      Huntsman Advanced Materials, together with Intertronics, has launched a portfolio of structural adhesives