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Omron Components Europe

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United Kingdom

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Article archive for Omron Components Europe;

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      Mulitplex solutions increase capability (01/07/2007)

      French broadband equipment vendor, IFOTEC, used Omron CWDM fibre optic multiplexers in its remote DSL-over-fibre solutions

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      The ultra-wideband antenna challenge (01/03/2007)

      UWB (ultra-wideband) communication rapidly transmits large volumes of data over short distances with low power consumption. As a result, it has attracted attention as a solution to meet growing consumer demand for wireless integration of multiple entertainment devices in the home

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      Finding flexible electronic space (01/02/2007)

      Analysing the solutions adopted by mobile phone handset designers is invaluable for engineers looking for cost, time or performance advantages within space constraints in other markets and applications.