Wireless power receiver IC for quick charging mobile devices

18 August 2015

Toshiba Electronics launches a wireless power receiver IC that enables mobile devices to be charged wirelessly. 

The TC7764WBG supports a maximum power output of 5W and is compliant with the Qi standard’s low power specification V.1.1.2, defined by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). 
Wireless power transfer allows adoption of a fully insulated case free of exposed charging ports, an advantage that is stimulating demand for waterproof and dustproof portable products, such as smartphones and tablets. However, wireless charging has not always been as fast as charging by cable. 

To overcome this difference, Toshiba has optimised the circuit design of the TC7764WBG so that maximum output power is increased to 5W and a maximum power conversion efficiency of 95% is achieved. This enables mobile devices to be charged wirelessly as fast as if they were connected to a cable charger.

To ensure mobile device safety, the IC integrates a Qi protocol authentication circuit for power transfers, foreign object detection functions, under-voltage lockout (UVLO) and over-voltage lockout (OVLO) functions for the external power supply bypass option as well as thermal shutdown functions (TSD).

The IC is housed in a WCSP28 package measuring just 2.4 by 3.67 by 0.5mm.

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