A technical guide to light cure conformal coatings

18 August 2015

Intertronics offers a guide to light cure PCB conformal coatings, authored by DYMAX, to enable customers to understand possible savings.

These coatings provide superior protective performance with the added benefit of UV/light cure for quick, convenient processing and cost saving. 

It discusses the choice of coating, based on the end-use environment, industry and customer specifications, and printed circuit board topography and potential shadowed areas. It covers developments in the technology which eliminate historic problems of shadowed areas by incorporating a secondary cure using environmental moisture at ambient temperature, thus assuring a complete cure without further heat or light energy. This combination of light and moisture reactions may enable coating applications not presently considered for light cure materials, with the consequent cost and quality benefits.

The guide covers an introduction to the technology with FAQs, and a review of the benefits of light-cure conformal coatings. It then leads through selection criteria and process design, dispensing set up and curing, with information on inspection followed by rework and removal techniques with application notes for these coatings which are UL listed, IPCC-830 approved, MIL-I-46058C listed and ISO 10993 tested. 

The Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings may be downloaded from Intertronics at www.intertronics.co.uk/light-cure-conformal-coatings or visit their blog at www.adhere.uk.com – also see www.youtube.com/intertronicsadhere.  

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