White Paper unlocks AOI data’s true potential

14 July 2015

Cupio has developed a VuData statistical process analyser software package, based on years of supplying AOI and AXI inspection equipment into applications.

VuData acts on databases generated by the YESTECH inspection machines to provide a bigger picture – giving operators and line management visibility of their process’s underlying trends and an opportunity to make corrections and improvements. 

Cupio believes that this development is of potential interest to anyone seeking to improve the quality and throughput of their electronics manufacturing process. Accordingly, Cupio software support engineer Ben Seviour has written a White Paper describing VuData and explaining how AOI data can be used for process improvement.
This White Paper, entitled ‘Unlocking your Nordson YESTECH AOI and AXI systems’ true potential’ is available now for download from Cupio’s website www.cupio.co.uk. 

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