Design and manufacture of high voltage- smart-e-webinar

07 July 2015

On the 14th July (14:30-16:00), these webinars will explore the current technical barriers faced in High Voltage electronics design and manufacturing processes.

With footprint becoming an ever increasing issue, demands on High Voltage electronics design and manufacture are becoming ever more difficult to manage. 

Decreasing size demands and HV requirements for creepage clearances and separation are at odds with each other, meaning that modern methods need to be refined in order to maintain performance and push the boundaries of current technical requirements.

SMART Group is offering a range of smart-e-webinars to complement its existing interactive CD-ROM, Hands On and Theory training to companies in the electronics industry. Smart-e-webinars are ideal learning opportunities for individuals or groups of engineers and will be presented by leading engineers in the electronics industry. Each session lasts between 60-90 min and allows a cost effective alternative to existing educational events without the hassle of travel. To participate in a smart-e-webinar all you need is a broadband internet connection, PC and headset microphone/headphones. Alternatively for groups in a conference room you use a PC with speakers, broadband connection and projector plus conference Microphone.

The web based seminars represent an efficient way to develop practical knowledge, delivering expert advice and guidance to you without leaving your workplace. Simple webinars offer a low cost and time efficient training option. They can be accessed from the internet, eliminating the need to take time out of the office and avoid expensive travel costs.

Book a meeting room with computer and data projector at your facility and invite your colleagues to join you for a single fee from £65 per session.

Technical seminars last 60-90mins with the opportunity to ask questions during or at the end of the session. The events are scheduled on different manufacturing topics of interest to engineers and production staff working in printed circuit board assembly.

SMART Group price is £65 plus VAT for members and £85.00 plus vat for non members. Please contact Paula Muller, Business Manager, SMART Group on 02084322741 or 07504 231575 to reserve your space or email 

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