Medical 150W and 225W external power supplies

07 July 2015

Powerbox introduces the EXM150 and EXM225 series of 150 and 225W external power supplies for type BF medical applications.

With their elegant and sturdy domed shape they do have the look, but the enclosure is much more about functionality than it is about pleasing the eye. The units fit equally well for wall mount, desktop, or floor top placement. Changeable ac cable with ISO10651-2:2004 locking brings compatibility with any type of outlets, while changeable dc cable brings connector adaptability to any load. A combination of mechanical strength and the domed shape withstands, among other things, to be ran over by a wheel chair. IP21 protection class enables use in critical medical environments. 

Using Powerbox’ one step conversion topology, where power factor correction, isolation and regulation are combined in one conversion step, the component count stays below 120. This contributes to an efficiency of 93%, zero load power of 400,000h. Another important contributor to a long and trouble free life is the intelligent over temperature protection, regulating output power in the case of over temperature. In addition to increased life expectancy this function increases the sustainability to short term overload and reduces the risk of over temperature shut down.

External power supplies are always potential money savers by means of removing space requirement, heat generation, EMC emission, etc. from the application, offering a substantial reduction in development time and cost. With the high operation reliability, long life expectancy, high efficiency, one version for global use, and technical data to fit demanding medical type BF applications, the EXM150 and EXM225 series brings this money saving potential much further.

The EXM150 and EXM225 series meet electrical safety IEC60601-1 Edition 3, EMC EN55011 class B, class II isolation, and IEC60601-1-11 for home care applications. They also meet environmental CEC Level 5, RoHS, REACH and WEEE.

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