MATLAB and Simulink for students

02 June 2015

Farnell element14 announces that it is now an official distributor of MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite.

These are a professional grade suite of tools allowing students to model, simulate and analyse projects in software and then program hardware using the same tools commercial engineers and scientists use every day. MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite includes all the software tools needed by a student user to create great projects with popular low-cost platforms with free hardware support packages.

MATLAB and Simulink brings Model-Based Design – a mathematical and visual approach for the development of complex control systems – to the student, hacker, maker and non-commercial audience making it easier to create more complex projects with no knowledge of programming required. Users build important career skills because MATLAB and Simulink are widely used in engineering and science industries.

The product includes MATLAB, Simulink and 10 add-on products. Hardware support packages for Arduino and Raspberry Pi are available for free. With these add-on toolboxes the user can customise the software to suit their application needs in controls, signal processing, test, measurements and create a wide range of projects ranging from a personal weather station to a face-detecting robot. The 10 add-on products include toolboxes for control system, data acquisition, DSP system, image processing, instrument control, optimisation, signal processing, statistics and machine learning and symbolic math.

Amnon Gai, manager, corporate development and partner programs at MathWorks said Farnell element14 and its online element14 Community provide a resourceful learning environment for students and makers who bring ideas to life with hardware platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. MathWorks is pleased to partner with Farnell element14 to become a part of the community and accelerate the pace of technology and innovation.

To find out more about how to use MATLAB and Simulink a number of webinars are available on the element14 Community. Follow the Teacher’s Pet Students’ Robotics Challenge where participants will design programmable robots using MATLAB and Simulink to create a solution to common student problems.

MATLAB Simulink costs £62.35 and is available from Farnell element14 in Europe.

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