SRAM family with on-chip ECC for reliability

26 May 2015

Cypress Semiconductor announces the availability of the high-density synchronous SRAMs with on-chip Error-Correcting Code (ECC). 

The integrated ECC feature enables the new 36Mb synchronous SRAMs to provide the highest levels of data reliability, simplifying designs for a wide variety of military, communication and data processing applications. Cypress plans to expand the family of high-performance synchronous SRAMs with ECC with additional densities this year.

Soft errors caused by background radiation can corrupt memory content, resulting in a loss of critical data. A hardware ECC block in Cypress’s new synchronous SRAMs performs all error correction functions inline, without user intervention, delivering best-in-class Soft Error Rate (SER) performance. The synchronous SRAMs with ECC are pin-compatible with current synchronous SRAMs, enabling customers to enhance SER and system reliability while retaining board layout. Additionally, the new SRAMs help reduce power consumption by as much as 36% over competing solutions. A video introducing Cypress’s synchronous SRAMs with ECC is available at 

Oliver Pohland, business unit director for Synchronous SRAMs at Cypress said this new family of devices with on-chip ECC demonstrates their commitment to expanding the portfolio of standard synchronous, NoBL and QDR SRAMs. As with the entire SRAM portfolio, these new devices are backed by Cypress’s best-in-class manufacturing and customer support.


The new 36Mb synchronous SRAMs are currently available in industrial temperature grade in RoHS-compliant 100-pin TQFP and 165-ball BGA packages.

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