Next-generation solutions for video analytics

26 May 2015

ELVEES and Imagination Technologies are working together to enable next-generation solutions for a range of existing and future global video analytics markets. 

Video analytics (the processing and understanding of video streams) is important for emerging markets including: 

• Smart city – based on innovative IP cameras with real-time monitoring.
• Retail/smarter shops – with augmented reality and next-generation security with safety everywhere.
• Autonomous automobiles – featuring Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
• Mobile devices – for a myriad of applications from augmented reality and visual search to simply better cameras.
• Internet of Things (IoT) – where the camera is a key ‘sensor’.
• Consumer multimedia, home entertainment and enterprise – where existing markets are evolving to embrace the potential of video analytics.
• Internet – the majority of all content on the internet is video, creating a requirement for video analytics in the cloud.

To meet the demands of these markets, processing cores and SoCs must be designed to specifically support video analytics features. Video analytics hardware and software complexity is increasing exponentially, requiring thousands of billions of operations per second, with more functionality, integrated using the latest 28–10nm silicon processes.

The strategic collaboration between ELVEES and Imagination is based on a deep understanding and belief that with the emergence of widespread video analytics, it is becoming impossible for companies to do everything themselves, and that application and domain knowledge are essential. 

The partnership between ELVEES and Imagination will enable the companies to drive innovation in the video analytics market with more rapid deployment of key technologies and products. 

The companies are working together to combine and leverage each other’s skills:
• Imagination’s proven, scalable IP, enabling customers to create differentiated SoCs with low risk and fast time to market.
• ELVEES’ Semantic Video Processing Platform – technology that combines new video analytics algorithms and software libraries in a customisable IP platform. 

ELVEES and Imagination are collaborating on several innovative and high-performance next-generation ELVEES SoCs for video analytics based on 28nm process technology, including leading-edge solutions for 4K (Ultra HD) cloud servers. ELVEES will use these solutions to target 4K stereo cameras, home/nano servers, and data centre servers.

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