Lineup of clamp AC current sensors expanded

12 May 2015

TDK has expanded its CCT series of clamp AC current sensors with two new types that are rated for 300A and 80A.

The new sensors are designed for use in the power distribution panels in a variety of energy management systems. With a current transformation ratio of 3000:1, the 300-A and 80-A types offer maximum output currents of 100 and 26.6mA, respectively. The new clamp AC current sensors have an integrated open-circuit protection element for voltage peak suppression.

The 300-A type features a clamp inner diameter of 24mm and is suitable for high current applications such as the energy management systems (EMS) in buildings, factories and stores (BEMS, FEMS, SEMS). It achieves its high current rating thanks to its optimised sensor shape and the high-performance ferrite material developed especially for current sensors. The 80-A type employs the same material as the existing 100-A and 30-A types of the CCT series products. Its clamp inner diameter is 10 mm.

Thanks to their snap-on clamp design, CCT current sensors can be quickly and easily installed in existing power distribution panels. Mass production of the new types will begin shortly.

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