Conformal coatings and resins for wearable devices

07 April 2015

Electrolube introduces a range of conformal coatings and encapsulation resins specifically designed for wearable device protection and reliability.

One of the challenges that wearable technology poses, is the very nature in which a device will be used, and primarily, the environments that it may be subjected to. For instance, a sensor in a wearable device has the added consideration of physical interactions; the device will be moved, worn, may see impact, may be flexed and potentially exposed to a number of additional elements, such as water or chemicals. It is therefore imperative that these devices are protected accordingly to ensure reliable performance when utilised in their end-use environments.

The range includes:


UR5041 is a two-part, ultra high performance resin system, which features excellent resistance to seawater and low water absorption. Suitable for use down to -60°C, UR5041 provides good low temperature performance, high toughness and tear resistance; excellent oxidation resistance and delivers high performance in a wide range of challenging environments, particularly in marine/seawater and swimming environments. UR5041 is currently being used in a wearable device design challenge being conducted by Element 14, where Electrolube is one of the industry partners. The resin was selected for competitors to incorporate into their designs, as the wearable device for athletes will have to be protected from shock, potentially water or other pollutants and allow wireless connectivity. 

AFA – Aromatic free acrylic coating

Designed for the protection of electronic circuitry, particularly in wearable monitors for sweat resistance, the new AFA range significantly reduces operational hazards for operators due to its Toluene and Xylene free formulation. The transparent AFA coating is ideal for applications where LEDs and displays are involved, providing excellent clarity, UV resistance and exceptional protection in humid and salt-mist environments, as well as ensuring highly efficient coating application with a fast touch dry time at room temperature. 

HTCX - Heat transfer compound xtra

HTCX is a smooth, silicone-free thermal paste that provides extremely high thermal conductivity, lower oil bleed and lower evaporation weight loss. The new paste is also highly resistant to humidity and thermal cycling and is recommended where efficient and reliable thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components is required, and between any surface where thermal conductivity and heat dissipation is important. HTCX is an ideal heat transfer solution for any wearable device, where required, helping to maintain a lower operating temperature and increase the lifetime of the device.

UR5634 is a two-part, semi-rigid, optically clear polyurethane resin that achieves a water-white transparency, ideal for LEDs, displays and bike fitted monitors. This RoHS-2 compliant, low-hazard, isophorone diisocyanate-free material is weather resistant, as well as being impervious to acids and alkalis. It is also strongly resistant to yellowing when exposed to UV light – of particular benefit to devices exposed to direct sunlight.

The variety of potential applications can also generate another challenge in selecting the most suitable protection compound. By working through these parameters with an electro-chemical manufacturer, such as Electrolube, it is possible to quickly find the most suitable solution for the application and therefore ensure the performance of the wearable device during its working life. 

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