Starting of production of co-branded GaN power devices

17 March 2015

Transphorm announced at APEC 2015, two co-branded 600V gallium nitride (GaN) cascode transistors and a 240W reference design that utilises them. 

This introduction builds on the previously announced partnership between Transphorm Inc., Transphorm Japan Inc., and ON Semiconductor to bring GaN-based power solutions to market. With typical on-resistances of 150 and 290 mOhms, the two new GaN products, TPH3202PS (ON Semi equivalent: NTP8G202N) and TPH3206PS (ON Semi equivalent: NTP8G206N), are offered in an optimized TO-220 package for easy integration with customers’ existing circuit board manufacturing capabilities.

Primit Parikh, President and Co-Founder of Transphorm said that at last year’s APEC 2014, the Transphorm booth displayed evaluation boards using their 600V TO-220 HEMTs. At this year’s show they’re excited to announce complete GaN-specific reference designs with ON Semiconductor. They have consistently demonstrated, since 2011, that the JEDEC-qualified 600V GaN products enable more efficient, compact and low-cost solutions than traditional silicon devices. With their partner, ON Semiconductor, they are providing complete reference design platforms and tools that enable designers to take advantage of GaN’s benefits while greatly accelerating their design cycles and reduce time to market.

The two-stage evaluation board NCP1397GANGEVB is offered as a complete reference design so that customers can implement GaN cascode transistors in their power designs. The evaluation board is representative of a production power supply that has been re-designed for smaller size and higher performance systems, and it highlights the capability and potential of GaN transistors in this power range. The boost stage delivers 98% efficiency and utilises the NCP1654 power factor correction controller. The LLC DC-DC stage uses the NCP1397 resonant mode controller to offer 97% full load efficiency. This performance is achieved while running at 200+ kHz and is also able to meet EN55022 Class B EMC performance. Full documentation is available at the Transphorm and ON Semiconductor websites.

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