Real-time 3D kinematics in any environment

03 March 2015

Xsens presents the MVN Biomech, a human motion measurement system that provides real-time 3D kinematics in any environment.

With data fed into a completely new Xsens Engine, the MVN Biomech is dedicated to measuring human motion including height tracking. Providing real-time graphs, data can be streamed at anytime and anywhere.

The MVN Biomech is easy to use with small robust trackers worn over or under clothing, intuitive software and a quick setup. Effortlessly providing 3D character visualisation, it is robust and reliable with <10┬Ás inter-tracker time synchronisation which helps provide accurate joint angles. The MVN studio Biomech software supports up to four hardware setups, providing a scalable biomechanical model and comes with record and playback functions.

Designed for use in biomechanics, ergonomics, rehabilitation, human robot interaction and sports science, the MVN Biomech can be found across 250+ universities and institutes worldwide. Applications in ergonomics include functional capacity, digital submersion and to observe the process of an assembly/production line from the perspective of a worker. As well as these, the product has been used throughout the film industry for companies that require clear, crisp data when making an animated movie.

MVN Biomech comes in two different forms; the Awinda is completely wireless and lightweight with 17 sensors reporting to the Awinda station, making it ideal for factory workers, students or patients. The Link version is similar but the sensors are embedded into a full body suit, making it ideal for a variety of sports due to its tight fit and high dynamic movement tracking.
Dassault Systems have partnered with Xsens and use the MVN Biomech as a simulation tool to walk workers around a 3D design of a production warehouse, testing the layout and flexibility of movement before the actual building is created.

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