Low-cost GPU with full OpenGL ES 3.0

03 March 2015

Imagination Technologies launched its G6020 PowerVR GPU that is designed to drive high-quality graphics with OpenGL ES 3.0 functionality.

The GPU has been developed for the growing number of applications that require good quality graphics with responsive touchscreens, for example, low-end smartphones, tablets, printers and smart watches. While these devices may not offer the higher functionality and features found in higher end equipment, users still expect good graphics and a smooth user-experience while navigating menus.

The GPU brings full OpenGL ES 3.0 functionality to compact and low-cost devices. The G6020 GPU is the smallest member of the PowerVR Series6XE family, with four arithmetic logic unit (ALU) cores and a silicon footprint of 2.2mm2. Designed to deliver a smooth user experience for high-definition displays (720p at 60fps) the G6020, provides the optimal feature set needed to meet next-generation requirements for a range of devices.

Another useful feature for these types of devices is that the drivers for the GPU are stored on the device, meaning that it doesn’t have to rely on the generally low-end CPUs found on targeted devices.

PowerVR’s programmable shader-based tile based deferred rendering (TBDR) architecture leads to high performance efficiency and the lowest power consumption per frame. In addition, PowerVR maximises bandwidth efficiency with Imagination’s PVRTC2 texture compression technology that also ensures minimum memory footprint and superior image quality.

The new GPU is designed to support operating systems such as Android, Android Wear, Linux and RTOS. Imagination provides developers with free access to the PowerVR Graphics SDK, a cross-platform toolkit designed to support all aspects of 3D graphics application development.

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