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25 February 2015

TTI and Mouser reaffirmed their commitment to work together to offer a go-to-market solution for engineers.

The two Berkshire Hathaway companies had previously operated on a completely separate basis before agreeing to co-operate more closely last year. Now, each has said they’d extend the commitment at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics. 

Mouser has traditionally been a small order, high service distributor aimer at design engineers, while TTI mainly offered higher quantities of components for production. This divide worked well until recently, when competitors started to move away from traditional niches to try and gain market share. 

Now the two companies will formally share information on customers and orders, as well as aligning product portfolios. This closer partnership will ensure that engineers are offered a solution throughout the design chain, whatever quantity is required. 

The companies claim the partnership comes from a position of strength with TTI having 15 per cent growth in the UK/Ireland last year, and looking to double that growth in 2015. Mouser has also seen a 41 per cent growth in Europe in the last calendar year.

To assist further growth, TTI has added 11 new people to the sales team. The company has on-going training taking place to encourage more face to face interaction with engineers, which in the long term will provide more effective customer service. 

Southern Manufacturing also gave Mouser the opportunity to demonstrate the latest range of development tools from TI, Panasonic, ADI, AMS and Murata, as well as highlight changes it has made online. 53 per cent of the company’s sales are online. Mouser has redesigned its website, highlighting the information it knows will be of importance to designer and translating documents into more languages. 

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