New data book: EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors

03 February 2015

TDK presents a data book on EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors with options of screw terminal, snap-in, axial and single-ended connections.

Alongside tried and tested products the data book also contains many innovations, including the B43704/B43724* and B43705/B43725* series of screw-terminal capacitors, which feature a significantly improved current capability. Also included are the new ultra-compact B43703*/B43723* series. The new series have a useful life of at least 12, 000 hours at an ambient temperature of 85°C. Rated voltages are in the range from 350 to 550VDC.

Further highlights are the B43544*, B43545*, B43547* and B43642* series of snap-in capacitors, which cover a voltage range from 200 to 550VDC and feature very compact dimensions in addition to the improved current capability. The data book also presents numerous new capacitor types with higher rated voltages and a more compact design for automotive applications.

Furthermore, the new data book provides detailed technical descriptions. These provide development engineers with a comprehensive and up-to-date reference work, offering effective support in the selection of the appropriate aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The book contains 752 pages and can be ordered from under ordering code EPC: 27029-7600.

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