Intelligent power modules for high-performance switching

16 December 2014

ROHM Semiconductor unveiled its new IPM (Intelligent Power Module) family for power-efficient motor driving and inverter applications.

Based on ROHMs experience with Power Devices, the new module series includes IGBT based modules optimised for low or high speed operation as well as MOSFET based IPMs which incorporates ROHM’s proprietary Low Ron SuperJunction MOSFET (PrestoMOS).This offers developers of white goods and industry motors a multitude of cost-efficient design options. The full line-up includes 10, 15 and 20A versions of 600V IGBT-IPM. 30A versions are under development. 

Applications with built-in motor drives demand compactness, high integration and reliability and have to operate in rugged environments for a long time. In response to this ROHM has developed this highly functional IPM series, which combine several components like gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs or Power MOSFETs (PrestoMOSTM), fly wheel diodes as well as various protection functions within one compact HSDIP25 package. It leverages a number of proprietary technologies and material enhancements to facilitate current surveillance, heat dissipation and reliable operation. It significantly reduces power loss at light and heavy loads while increasing power capability. Featuring an innovative aluminium-based Silicon-on-isolator(SOI) technology, the module provides enhanced high-voltage capacity, high heat conductivity and low leak current and, at the same time, prevents latch-up. For excellent reliability, the IC additionally features a comprehensive range of protection attributes such as a current limit for the bootstrap diode, under voltage lock-out for floating supply, fault output, thermal shut-down and short circuit protection as well as a FWD (IGBT version) to eliminate flyback. Designers can choose from different set-ups – with integrated IGBT or MOSFET - in order to identify the ideal solution for their application and save time and costs. 

Key features
- Energy-save for IPLV, SEER, APF
- Low saturation voltage IGBT (opt.)
- Low on-resistance SJ-MOSFET (opt.) for improved conduction loss 
- Low forward voltage and trr FWD
- Built-in gate driver and bootstrap diode
- SOI technology for HVIC for low leak current and latch-up prevention
- Current limit for bootstrap diode, suppression of rush current
- UVLO, SCP, TSD, fault output
- Input interface 3.3V, 5V (highly active)
- Ceramic isolation PKG
- 1500Vrms isolation, low thermal resistance
- Compatible HSDIP25 package for easy design-in

Application Examples
The new IPMs are suitable for inverters and motor driving in home appliances and white goods such as air conditioners, heat-pumps for washing machines, refrigerators as well as small industry motors. Samples are available.

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