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18 November 2014

NXP Semiconductors announced new solutions and has shared the latest product updates at electronica.

NXP displayed new dual PCB configurable logic devices and showed the latest solutions for automotive, NFC and ultra-low power microcontrollers 

Whether the solution is designed for mobile phones, the connected car, internet of things (IoT) or within the portable and wearable domain, NXP Semiconductors is playing a major role in this evolution, powering the technology that enables secure connections for a smarter, inter-connected world.  

New solutions and demonstrations from NXP at Electronica 2014 included:

Dual PCB configurable logic:
• Industry’s first dual PCB configurable multi gate, multi-function logic devices.
• Two configurable gates that can each be individually configured by the PCB layout into one of seven unique functions.  
• Learn how to configure up to 81 different combinations with one multi-gate, multi-function logic device, reducing bill of materials and increasing overall design flexibility in a number of industries.

‘Communicating Cars’ kick off:
• Kurt Sievers, EVP General Manager Automotive at NXP, launched the ‘Communicating Cars’ showcase together with Thilo Jourdan, Head of Siemens Mobility Division in Germany, Sven Leonhardt Department Manager for functions and material technologies at Honda R&D Europe, Frans op de Beek, Chairman Amsterdam Group, and other showcase partners. 
• Live demonstrations were shown of V2X technology (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications) together with Siemens and Honda on the roads around the Munich trade show centre. 
• Visitors to the NXP booth experienced how cars can interact with each other and with surrounding infrastructure to exchange warning and traffic messages. 

Balancing power consumption and increasing sensor density:
• Industry’s most power efficient microcontroller series for always on, sensor processing, LPC54100.
• Helps manufactures effectively monitor, aggregate and process data from the increasing amount of sensors in devices, saving up to 20 per cent more power than other solutions.  

ZigBee solutions:
• ZigBee Light Link and Home Automation lighting and home controls using JN516x wireless microcontroller.
• Introducing new bulb reference designs using NXP patented Sensorless Sensing technology to manage colour gamut across the different bulbs, maximising lumen output and significantly reducing the calibration time during production. 
Demos included:
o White and dimmable bulbs recently ZLL certified from Leedarson.
o Tunable and colour changeable tunable white.
o RGB bulb reference design.
• Easy and secure out-of-band commissioning of ZigBee wireless networks with NFC technology
o Live demo of a home climate control system based on ZigBee Home Automation.

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