Advanced connectivity and sensor solutions

18 November 2014

TE Connectivity Ltd has unveiled its highly engineered connectivity and sensor technologies at electronica 2014.

Recent acquisitions expand range of sensor solutions, breaking ground in the areas of autonomous driving, the connected home and innovative products for harsh environments.

TE highlights its portfolio of intelligent, efficient and high-performing connectivity and sensor solutions that are used for customers across several industries, from automotive, industrial and commercial transportation and aerospace and defense, to industrial solutions and consumer applications. With its recent acquisition of Measurement Specialties, TE has displayed and demonstrated its innovative sensor solutions that help customers transform their concepts into smart, connected creations.

Expanded range of sensors

TE’s expanded range of sensor solutions includes the launch of the PTH fusion sensor, which combines two sensors with distinctive MEMS technologies to measure pressure, humidity and temperature in a compact size (5x3x1mm3) for applications ranging from smartphones to home appliances to industrial. The company also showcased its expanded range of automotive sensors, including the vacuum brake booster sensor and the single coil resolver. TE offers one of the broadest portfolios of sensor technologies, enabling measurement capabilities that range from position, pressure, temperature, vibration and humidity, to fluid property, force/torque, liquid level, flow and photo optic.

The Road to Autonomous Driving, the connected home and beyond
TE’s connectors, sensors and antennas are the electronic building blocks embedded in automobiles, heavy trucks, planes, factories, buildings, appliances, mobile devices, wearables and more. TE’s products connect, sense and communicate data, power and signal, increasingly enabling objects to become “smarter” as well as interconnected.

Today’s automobiles already have the intelligence to actively assist the driver, with increasing levels of assistance and autonomy on the horizon. TE is at the forefront, breaking ground with technologies that will advance current Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to an autonomous driving reality. One such area is Ethernet data bus technology, where TE has achieved 100Mbit/s transmission rate, and has faster implementations under development.
In addition, TE offers next generation solutions that enable the connected home and the smart factory. These range from reliable wireless antennas, sensors and connectors that support smart appliances and devices in the home to TE’s industrial communications platform that enables interconnectedness and automation in a factory environment.

Harsh Environments

TE’s products operate within electronic and electrical systems that must withstand rigorous conditions and all weather environments, from the passenger car engine to heavy commercial transportation and industrial environments, to fighter jets. TE demonstrated some of its cutting edge technologies including:

• Industrial and commercial transportation portfolio: For trucks, buses and off-road vehicles, the integrated Urea Quality Sensor, with magnetic reed switch technology, provides highly reliable and robust diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), heating and accurate liquid level, temperature and quality measurements, in extreme conditions.
• ARISO contactless connectivity platform: With ARISO contactless connectivity, TE has developed an innovative solution that permits extremely reliable connections. Water, dust or vibrations no longer impact the reliable delivery of power, data and signal. Due to the lack of mechanical contact, this new technology offers rotational freedom as well as freedom of movement – without any wear and tear.
• Aerospace and defense: TE’s new CeeLok FAS-X connector combines rugged reliability with signal integrity to support current, high-speed protocols as well as the new, faster protocols on the horizon. 

Eric Kueppers, president of TE Global Automotive business, said that electronica is an important event, not only to highlight TE’s latest technologies but also to engage and collaborate with customers. TE’s presence at electronica celebrated engineering collaboration as well as cutting edge products and solutions.

At the exhibit, TE featured new materials, product showcases and an immersive experience highlighting TE engineers – the experts behind the products. The company’s transparent, full-size car featured its automotive solutions, and its SensorScape interactive experience provided an opportunity to create custom designs using TE sensors.

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