‘Wave or selective soldering – that is the question’.

20 October 2014

SolderStar Ltd introduces the Waveshuttle PRO at the SMART Group seminar in Scotland on 6 November.

Mark Stansfield, managing director at SolderStar Ltd, claims the seminar is the perfect opportunity to meet with those in the electronics industry looking for answers to their soldering needs.

The Waveshuttle PRO has been in the market for 10 years and is now in its third generation of design. It provides the most comprehensive measurement of all key process parameters with a single pass through the machine, and together with SolderStar software it is very user-friendly. It is unique in that it does not rely solely upon thermocouple sensors to measure process information.

It is an intelligent pallet specifically designed for wave soldering analysis. It has been developed to include its own on-board measurement system which incorporates titanium sensors on the underside, gathering data on contact parameters as it moves through the solder wave. By using this system a higher performance is achieved with measurement accuracy and repeatability. Adding to the benefits it also provides a single datalogger solution which is flexible and can be expanded to every process as required.

SolderStar will be on hand to offer advice and provide recommendations on what products would meet an individual customer’s requirements.

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