Mill keeps turning but stays cool

30 September 2014

German manufacturer, SHW Werkzeugmaschinen puts Rittal Blue e cooling devices at the heart of its connected milling facility.

The company manufactures moving column machine tools, such as a 200ton moving column milling machine, the PowerForce 8, which is used to mill wind turbine stators. It has an internal diameter of 6.5m. At the heart of the mill is a new, variable, universal milling head of orthogonal design with a drive power of 90kW and a torque of up to 1,725Nm.

It relies on the Blue e generation of cooling devices from Rittal to exploit efficiencies in enclosure climate control. Consuming 45 % less energy than the previous generation, the four wall-mounted devices installed on the machine provide cooling of the input and feedback modules for the axle drive, mains filters, chokes, disconnectors, contactors, relays. They also have a cooling output amounting to 16kW.

The refrigeration factor of 2.47 (the COP, co-efficient of performance) results from the ideal interaction of all the components responsible for the cooling output, as well as from the design of the condensers, evaporators, cooling fins, pipe bends and all the other refrigeration components. Using the cooling technology, SHW have been able to connect the devices via a master-slave arrangement.

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