DC calibrator promises precision with ease of operation

23 September 2014

The 2553A is a precision DC calibrator designed to calibrate measuring instruments in a variety of industries, says Yokogawa.

The calibrator can be used for analogue meters, thermometers, temperature transmitters and data loggers. It features high accuracy, high stability, low noise, and high resolution. Dials for each digit and switch, and a clear display using traditional seven-segment LEDs ease user interaction.

The 2553A can be used with existing programs from the earlier 2553, allowing its integration in a system containing a mixture of the two.

The heart of the instrument is a DC current/voltage generator with five voltage ranges from 10mV to 30V, four current ranges from one to 100mA, 10 types of thermocouple (as specified in IEC standards) as well as Pt100 RTDs (resistive temperature detectors), and a 400Ohm resistance generation range. 

By setting temperature value, the calibrator generates thermocouple electromotive power to calibrate temperature controllers. It also generates temperature-related resistance values for RTD measurements. Settings can be made by resistance value as well as temperature, making it possible to calibrate using the resistance value.

Other features are a RJC (reference junction compensation) at the output terminals, with a choice of three modes: internal, external and manual.

User defined temperature calibration can be achieved by copying text files including relationship parameters between temperature and voltage or between temperature and resistance, allowing calibration curves to be generated for various types of thermocouple and RTD.

Text files can be easily created by text editor or Excel on a PC. The calibrator measures 132 x 213 x 300mm, and weighs approximately 3kg. It is supplied with USB, Ethernet and GP-IB communication interfaces.

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