Getting started with Bluetooth low energy book

07 August 2014

One of Nordic Semiconductor’s Senior Software Engineers, Carles Cufí, co-authored a 165-page book on Bluetooth low energy.

Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking has been published by leading technical publisher O'Reilly and is available to order now direct from the publisher's website, as well as from Amazon.
Cufí joined Nordic Semiconductor in early 2010 to work on Nordic's first Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) chip, the nRF8001, and has focused on the technology and development of further Nordic Bluetooth Smart chips ever since, including the multiple award-winning nRF51 Series with embedded ARM Cortex M0 microprocessor.
The book is designed to enable design engineers with experience of embedded software programming with microprocessors (MCUs) to add Bluetooth Smart functionality to their development projects and products - which will typically allow data stored on an MCU to be transferred to apps running on smartphones, tablets, and/or the Internet - even if they have no previous experience of RF design or Bluetooth wireless technology.
The book comprises 10 chapters of which Cufí was a major contributor alongside co-authors Kevin Townsend, a Lead Engineer at Adafruit Industries; Akiba, who works at Keio University as well as being a design consultant to the United Nations and owner of FreakLabs; and Robert Davidson, a design expert who specializes in wireless sensor applications.
After a full introduction and summary of Bluetooth Smart drawn from the latest 2000-page Bluetooth Core Specification v4.1, the book covers the basics of the Bluetooth Smart protocol, the General Access Profile (GAP), the General Attribute Profile (GATT), hardware platforms, debugging tools, application design tools, Android programming, iOS programming, and embedded application development.

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