Women in Engineering Day

25 June 2014

To celebrate the Women’s Engineering Society’s 95th anniversary, Monday was National Women in Engineering day.

The aim was to focus attention on the opportunities for women in engineering, particularly as there is a skills shortage, yet, in 2013, only 7% of engineers were women.

The Society wants to encourage girls into engineering careers, to not only increase diversity but also to fill the “substantial” future job opportunities that have been predicted in this sector.
With National Women in Engineering Day, the Society wants to encourage governmental, educational, corporate, professional engineering institutions, individuals and other organisations) to host events, to raise awareness. Suggestions include organizing a lecture or networking event, organise an industrial visit and invite women engineers to speak at schools or universities.

We see many great initiatives to encourage young children and students with activities but nothing with a particularly feminine appeal.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this – is there a feminine appeal to engineering or is it (should it) be non-gender specific?

Is it the lack of prominent female role models that mean young women are not turning to engineering – where is the female James Dyson, for example, or why are Grace Hopper (creator of COBOL), Ada Lovelace (Charles Babbage’s assistant), Dr Erna Hoover (telephone switching program creator) or Radia Perlman (creator of STP for networking) not household names?

 Should there be positive discrimination in the media so that a female engineer is sought to be the lead engineer in a project?

Write and tell me your views – and any ideas for a diverse, inclusive generation of engineers.

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