DSP reduces engine noise inside the vehicle

25 June 2014

QNX ports Acoustics for Active Noise Control (ANC) software to the Cadence Tensilica HiFi audio/voice DSP core.

QNX Acoustics for ANC is a high-performance software solution for reducing unwanted engine noise inside passenger vehicles. It has been ported to the Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSP, which is available from Cadence immediately.

It runs on the the DSP core in the vehicle's infotainment system or audio amplifier, eliminating the dedicated hardware of conventional ANC solutions. It provides up to 20dB noise power reduction, depending on the transducer and vehicle seating configuration, and can be used with any of Cadence’s HiFi audio/voice DSP IP cores.

Fuel-saving techniques, such as deactivating cylinders when engine load is light, can cause noise that distracts the driver. The software cancels this noise.

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