Isolated LED-driver ICs boost output and accuracy

27 May 2014

The LYTSwitch-2 family of isolated LED drivers from Power Integrations delivers up to 12W output power and reduces component count.

The ICs use primary-side control, for single-sided PCBs with low component counts, says the company. Driver isolation allows the LEDs to be affixed directly to a metal heatsink, avoiding the added expense of an electrically isolating enclosure that is often required for non-isolated drivers. Constant-current output tolerance across temperature are better than ±5% at both low-line and high-line voltages. The company also claims that designs using the ICs are up to 90% efficient in typical applications.

The ICs protect the LED load from surges in line voltage, increasing bulb lifetime in regions where the mains voltage is subject to frequent peaks. The constant-current and constant-voltage control function maintains a constant voltage on the output of the driver during no-load operation, preventing damage to the output filter or shutting down the driver when being tested or installed with no LED string connected.

They can be used for 1- to 12W products, low-cost bulbs, ballasts, downlights and tubes. The stability and closely controlled part-to-part variation, means that the designs will be repeatable and manufacturable with little or no performance variation, says the company.
Protection features are over-temperature, over-current and open feedback-loop protection. Devices are packaged in small, cost-efficient SO-8 packages as well as MSOP and eSIP packages for efficient thermal transfer in higher-power applications.

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