Three-phase medium power film capacitors

20 March 2014

AVX Corporation released the new FLB series medium power film capacitors that are packaged in a cylindrical aluminum can.

With terminals that enable direct, three-phase, internal wire connection, FLB series capacitors are comprised of metallised polypropylene dielectric imbued with a soft polyurethane resin. FLB series capacitors feature a dual safety system consisting of an overpressure disconnector and self-healing technology, as well as exhibit high ripple current and extremely high dielectric strength in operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +80°C. Ideal applications for the series include: power factor correction and output AC filtering in power converters, UPS systems, solar and wind inverters, and motor drives. 

AVX’s RoHS-compliant FLB series three-phase, medium power film capacitors are available in nine case sizes, six voltages spanning 230-690VAC, capacitance values spanning 3*20.3µF to 3*335µF, and three capacitance tolerances (±5%, ±10%, ±20%). Optimized for AC voltage performance, the series also exhibits high overvoltage capabilities as a result of its self-healing properties. Additionally, unlike aluminum electrolytic capacitors, FLB series polypropylene capacitors do not have a catastrophic failure mode, as film capacitors simply experience a parametric loss of capacitance of approximately 5%, which both negates the risk of short-circuiting and enables continued functionality. Lifetime for the series is 100,000 hours at rated voltage and 70°C. Lead time for the series is approximately eight weeks.

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