Partial doors can replace door or rear panel

14 January 2014

Suitable for 400, 600 and 800mm wide TS enclosures, Rittal’s modular partial door can be used instead of a door or rear panel.

Flexible for use with the company’s TS 8 and Ri4Power systems, the partial door enables a wider choice of handles and, for Rittal’s Ri4Power, a new optional viewing window as standard.
Optionally hinged on the left or right, the partial door is attached to the TS enclosure without drilling. To finish off the modular design in each case, a trim panel is required at the top and bottom. The cross member required for mounting is included with the partial door. The front trim panels may be removed from the outside by unscrewing.

Accessories, such as monitor frame, lock inserts (standard double-bit lock insert may be exchanged for lock inserts), comfort handles and perforated mounting strips for retrospective external mounting are available. Perforated mounting strips with a 25mm pitch pattern of holes may be used for individual mounting of cable ducts, hose holders etc. on the rear side of the door.

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