Debug tools now Compact RTOS 2013

07 January 2014

Lauterbach extends its microprocessor development toolssupport for Windows Embedded Compact RTOS

The TRACE32 debugger now supports Windows EmbeddedCompact 2013, a streamlined, componentised device OS offering support for x86and ARM architectures.

For ARM based processors, Microsoft provides the newembedded RTOS with a new compiler, which generates Thumb2 code. This change hasmeant BSP developers have to make a considerable effort to port their code, saysthe company. Therefore the company has enhanced its debugger to read the codeand symbol information provided by this new compiler.

Using the "Windows Embedded Awareness" , the useris able to inspect the current processes and threads, even if no software debugchannel (e.g. KITL) and no shell are present in the system. Using the extendedMMU support of the debugger, the developer has access to the virtual addressspace at any time - i.e. to debug bootstrap, kernel, drivers and applicationssimultaneously.

Code coverage information can be obtained down toindividual lines of code and also thread run times and function run times canbe analysed to provide performance details. Statistics tables provide accurateinformation about the system load. The debugger also supports SMP (SymmetricMulti Processing), which distributes an application onto several similarprocessors or cores.

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