AMD releases embedded product roadmap

12 November 2013

AMD details a strategy to offer a choice of ARM or x86 SoC, APU or CPU options coupled with its Radeon graphics for embedded design.

AMD became the first company to offer both ARM and x86 processors for low-power and high-performance embedded compute designs, with two x86 APUs (accelerated processing units ) and CPUs (central processing units), an ARM SoC and a family of discrete AMD Embedded Radeon GPUs (graphics processing units) for next year.

The first to launch will be the Adelaar GPU, with Graphics Core Next architecture, 2Gbyte GDDR5 and 72Gbyte/s memory throughput.

Also scheduled are the Bald Eagle APU/CPU, with 2/4 “steamroller” cores and what the company terms “Sea Islands” GPU and 17 to 35W TDP (thermal design power). The Hierofalcom CPU SoC is 4/8 ARM Cirtex-A57 cores, offering 10GBE performance and 15 to 30W TDP. Finally, the Steppe Eagle APU SoC will consist of two/four enhanced Jaguar cores, the Sea Islands GPU and with five to 25W TDP.


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