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SICK OD Mini – the Ultimate ‘Lightweight’ for High-Speed, Precision and Accuracy

01 August 2013

WITH THE new OD Mini short range distance sensor, SICK has delivered one of the world’s most lightweight and precise displacement sensors incorporating an easy-to-use display and control.

The SICK OD Mini achieves micron resolution and millisecond responsiveness in a rugged, compact and lightweight unit making it ideal for precision measurement and positioning applications where high levels of accuracy are demanded, especially at high speeds, for example for positioning of robotic gripper arms in electronic assembly & photovoltaic manufacture.

The SICK OD Mini’s high performance measurement capability also means it can be used for quality duties such as inspection of manufacturing tolerances, and even for sorting and classification.

The SICK OD Mini’s CMOS receiver promises high machine availability by eliminating the possibility of false readings due to the brightness, colour or reflectivity of the object’s surface.

“The SICK OD Mini is a real advance in short range distance sensing – especially for providing an ‘eye’ on the business end of moving equipment such as a robotic gripper arms, or for similar dynamic applications,” explains David Hannaby, Product Manager, Imaging & Measurement for SICK UK.

“SICK has long been a leader in sensors for distance measurement and positioning guidance and the OD Mini more than lives up to SICK’s reputation in this field.”

The SICK OD Mini is available in two rugged IP 67 18x31x41mm casings. The stainless steel version only weighs 70g, while the aluminium casing weighs just 40g. Three detection ranges are available from 10mm to 20mm, 20mm to 60mm and 60mm to 150mm with resolutions of 3µm, 8µm and 30µm respectively. With a response time of 1ms at each range, the OD Mini achieves accuracy and performance needed in highly demanding engineering applications.

It is quick to commission and easy to operate with an integral display with four status LEDs and can be programmed through a simple teach-in, or remotely via PC or other factory controller.

Because signal amplification is integral to the sensor, additional cabling is not required, saving both on weight and additional connections. The SICK OD Mini also offers a high level of connectivity for simple integration with a wide range of industrial interfaces. Digital, analogue or serial interfaces are available to suit the application and the control context.

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