Microcontroller delivers long-term operation in coin cell devices

10 September 2013

Lapis Semiconductor has developed low power microcontrollers for devices such as security tokens that use coin or dry-cell batteries.

The ML610Q474 family consumes 0.25uA in halt mode, which is 50 per cent lower than conventional products, says the company.

Security tokens used to generate one-time passwords for e-banking or battery-driven applications such as watches and clocks, demand stable operation for years powered with just a single button battery.

The ML610Q470 series integrates an internal regulator and oscillator circuit and adopts proprietary low-leakage current processes for the lowest power consumption on the market, claims the company.  High noise immunity is ensured through novel internal circuitry and layout (clearing ±30KV during IEC61000-4-2 noise immunity testing). The company claims that conventional models are prone to noise-induced malfunction when the current consumption was lowered. Low current consumption and high noise immunity make stable long-term operation possible using inexpensive low-capacity coin cell batteries, contributing to lower costs and smaller form factors, it is claimed.

A reference board and software development environment are also a available. Support tools, user manual and tools, are available online.

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