Surface mount sliding contact micro switch

03 September 2013

The SPVQC Series is designed by ALPS to is sealed to IP67 and targets electric parking brakes in vehicles.

Advances in applying electronics to automobiles have brought about an increase in vehicles equipped with electric parking brakes (EPB). Until now, back-up in EPBs has used two micro switches, but this has led to problems such as the on/off timing of the switches going out of sync during low-speed operation. When employing a butt contact structure, contact faults occur due to ingress of particulates or other matter.

The increased use of surface mount components around the EPB, require micro switches capable of undergoing reflow soldering with these components during assembly. The SPVQC Series surface mount two-pole sliding contact micro switch ensures high contact reliability with strong resistance to particulates, as well as to vibrations and impact, says the company.

A double-sided sliding contact structure consists of a moving contact that clamps a fixed contact from both sides. This enables application of a constant pressure on the contact at all stages of the switch operation from the moment the pressing begins, through on/off switching, to the fully depressed position. Combined with a snap action design, the structure constantly maintains a stable contact regardless of the control position and speed, says the company.

The timing of switching between the two circuits is short, below 15ms at any control speed.

The switches measure 15.4×7.4×7.5mm. Maximum rating is 50mA,18V DC  and contact resistance is 75mO maximum and 200mO maximum after lifetime. Operating load is 300,000 cycles (50mA 18V DC).


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