IET says new computing curriculum lacks clarity

09 July 2013

The Institution claims that the proposed changes to the National Curriculum for computing in state schools in England, lack clarity.

Paul Davies, head of policy at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, said: "We are pleased to see that there is a commitment to providing a relevant and aspirational curriculum and that an effort is being made to change the perception of ICT in schools. "However, the Government has not followed recommendations made by us and others to re-launch the subject as 'Computing and Communications Systems'. Computers do not operate in isolation and in the majority of cases rely on communications systems of one form or another to connect to the user or other remote systems, e.g. the Internet.

"Understanding how computers communicate across fixed or mobile networks is an important consideration in the modern interconnected world. It is unclear whether communications will be a major component of the new computing curriculum despite these concerns. "There are also unanswered questions around where all the teachers will come from to teach this new subject. There is a severe shortage of teaching staff with the necessary knowledge and practical expertise, which will hinder its successful implementation. This must be addressed urgently," he warned.

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