Artificial kidney monitors patient and avoids dialysis

01 July 2013

Artificial kidney monitors patient and avoids dialysis
Artificial kidney monitors patient and avoids dialysis

Leti and nine partners in the Nephron+ project are developing an artificial renal care system that continuously monitors the patient.

The goal is to create an integrated system that allows real-time, continuous, multi-parametric monitoring of the patient and the device via sensors. Continuous data collection will allow early detection of anomalies and a trend analysis on the patient’s health status.

The renal-care system, contained in a rectangular holder is to be worn on the patient’s side. It offers improved blood filtering and allows patients to avoid required periodic dialysis treatments.

Leti will also design, develop and the integration of the electrochemical platform in the artificial kidney. The company miniaturised the sensors to embed them in the device, as well as improving the electronic board that converts the sensor electrical signals in a ready-to-use concentration. Researchers developed an electrochemical platform including five bio-compatible ionic selective electrodes to monitor ion concentrations, as well as a reference electrode, a temperature sensor and an EPROM to store parameters (calibration curves).

Partners in the project are Exodus (co-ordinator), CSEM, TNO, Nierstichting Nederland, IMST GmbH, Nanodialysis BV, Danube University Krems, University Medical Center Ultecht and OFFIS EV.

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