Gen3 Systems supplies ACE’s selective soldering system

28 June 2013

The company will supply the KISS-103 to ZOT Engineering, Scotland. It processes 460x600mm assemblies without intervention.

It is the biggest system in the KISS (Keep It Simple Soldering) range which is manufactured by ACE Production Technologies.

Automatically applying flux and solder to through-hole component leads without disturbing neighbouring SMT components, they provide solder quality that is superior to hand soldering with full barrel fill and top side fillets consistently produced. They out-perform at least five hand-soldering operators, claims the company, providing a RoI that can be measured in days.

The Integrated Manufacturing Division of ZOT was formed in 1997 provides a one-stop-shop service. DFM and engineering advice applies across all the manufacturing disciplines. Dave Yeaman, production manager, ZOT, commented “As well as the innovative dual nozzle pot for all our selective solder requirements, we also expect the 75mm solder waves to replace our expensive- to- run wave solder baths. The addition of the solder bath changeover pot, can also give us a safe and quick method of changing pots, and vastly reducing changeover and bath heat times.”

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